Types of software testing we’re experienced in

Our software testing services help you discover any defects in the earliest stages and guarantee the elimination of any potential issues timely. If you want to reduce development costs and provide excellent user experience, we're software companies in ethiopia at your service!

Requirements testing

Requirements testing helps you avoid implementing unnecessary functionality by checking whether your project requirements meet quality criteria and are aligned with business needs.

Usability testing

Usability testing assures the features of your application are easy to understand, and your users' experience is positive and memorable.

Functional testing

Functional testing helps you make sure each function of your application operating in compliance with the requirement specifications.

Performance testing

Performance testing ensures your application performance is at a high level and guarantees your product can handle high data loads and user spikes.

Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing assures you of application works appropriately in different environments and can obtain more users.

Localization testing

Localization testing helps you confirm the user interface meets the specified users’ language and location and assures the product content is adequately displayed. .

Security testing

Security testing helps you avoid recovery expenses by detecting all security flaws and vulnerabilities and protecting from hacker attacks. .

Smoke testing

Smoke testing allows you to verify the stability of the primary or critical features of your application and be sure you can proceed with further testing.

Acceptance testing

Acceptance testing helps you make sure your system meets both the critical and significant business requirements and check whether it's acceptable for delivery.